Trade Credit Insurance

Important notice: Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 (Corona) virus, all courses of Stecis are postponed until later in 2020. Depending one the development of the spreading of the virus new dates will be arranged. When you mail to info@stecis.orgĀ  or download the brochures, we will update you by mail on the new dates when they are known.


Stecis offers three levels of Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) courses:

The Foundation Course offers you an introduction to TCI.

The Advanced Course will provide you with detailed information about Buyer Underwriting, risk management and claims handling.

The Masterclass gives insight to non-traditional trade credit insurance products and services. Amongst others these include medium-term and project business, selective cover (single transaction and buyer), Excess-of-Loss, non-cancellable cover and support of financing and related topics (Basel III, IV). New developments around digitalization and their impact on Credit Insurance will also be covered by the Masterclass as for instance platforms, Blockchain, Big Data and AI.

To run our courses we need a minimal number of participants. So wait for the confirmation by STECIS that the course will run before making your travel arrangements.