Trade Credit Insurance

Important notice: Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 (Corona) virus and the related restrictions, until November 2021 only webinars will be offered. In November we expect to be able to start up the classroom training courses again. See for the dates below.


Stecis offers three levels of Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) courses:

  1. Fundamentals of Trade Credit Insurance Webinar: Within 4 hours, learning how Trade Credit Insurance protects companies and banks against the risk that trade receivables are not being paid by the buyer of goods and services. Understanding the principles of Trade Credit Insurance, its role, and importance for domestic and export trade.
  2. The Foundation Classroom Course offers you an introduction to TCI. Two tutors will guide you through the theory and cases.
  3. The Advanced Classroom Course will provide you with detailed information about Buyer Underwriting, risk management, and claims handling. Three experienced tutors will guide you through the theory and in-depth cases.

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