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Reinsurance TCI and Surety

 Beside the regular courses and webinars on Trade Credit Insurance and Surety, Stecis offers in depth courses on Reinsurance.


The reason for creating a special line of training courses on this topics lies in the fact that reinsurance is very important for both trade credit insurance and surety industry. The risk that are assumed by individual insurance companies simply are too big in comparison to the net worth to be 100% assumed by the companies themselves, so there reinsurance comes into play. As there are various aspects to reinsurance such as type of reinsurance contract, set up of a reinsurance treaty, etc. will be addressed in the Stecis’ courses on reinsurance.

A reinsurance foundation course is currently developed. As soon as it is available, there will be an announcement on LinkedIn and on the Stecis’ web site.

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