Fundamentals of Surety – 28 June 2021


Date: 28 June 2021 13.00 CET – 17.00 CET.

Within 4 hours, you will learn the specific details about Surety bonds, how the product works and to apply it. Also it will explain the importance of the Surety industry for various industries like the building and construction industry. This course is meant for all interested parties that intend to use the Surety products or individuals working in the Surety industry, brokers and lawyers.




Learning objectives  

Understand how the use of Surety Bonds works in practice to support e.g. the building and construction industry to thrive.

Learn the principles of Surety Bonds and its role and importance for the economy of countries and industries.

Addressed to  

Career starters and professionals without any prior, specialist knowledge of Surety Bonds.  

CEOs, CFOs, Finance or Credit Managers, Treasurers, owners of SMEs, lawyers, bankers, journalists, brokers and career starters within the Surety and Reinsurance Industry.

Course Outline

  1.  Introduction to surety
  2.  Market characteristics and sales
  3.  Bond types and bond forms
  4. Underwriting
  5. Bonding facility, indemnity and collateral
  6. Surety bond claims


Mr. William Wesseling supported by Mr. Rob Klouth (see 


 Teaching method  

Online Webinar via Microsoft Teams; access link and instructions will be send after registration and fee payment. 

Questions during and after the session will be possible and answered.  Presentation will be shared after the course as PDF.