Trade Credit Insurance Advanced Course


Date: 29 and 30 September (Welcome dinner on the evening of the 28th of September).

Advanced Credit Insurance Course:
I. Underwriting & II. Claims Handling

This two-day advanced training seminar in Trade Credit Insurance for more experienced professionals is modular. Participants can attend one or both modules. During day 1 various aspects regarding underwriting are addressed within a theoretical context and together with case studies. During day 2, claims handling is addressed also on basis of theory and case studies.


Date: 29 and 30 September (Welcome dinner on the evening of the 28th of September).

Course Fee: 2.000 Euro

Course Outline:

Day 1 – UNDERWRITING module


  • Underwriting in context of trade credit insurance wording
  • Types of underwriting
  • Point of departure of the underwriting process
  • The customer side of underwriting – credit limit decisions
  • Technical aspects of underwriting, incl. country & political risk assessment, trade sector assessment, looking at the deal – fraud aspect
  • Buyer assessment in general, incl. economic & business cycles, access to capital funding
  • Basic subjects & data to assess, incl. solvency, liquidity (cash flow), profitability, ratio analysis, future expectations and type and quality of management
  • Introduction to Special Risk Management
  • Single Buyer risk
  • Non-cancellable limits
  • Recent market developments

Day 2 – CLAIMS HANDLING module

  • Corporate & Claims philosophy—strictly implement or soft approach
  • Claims handling in context of trade credit insurance policy wording
  • Point of departure of the claims handling process, incl. policy text, specific conditions, turn-over policy, insolvency cover, submission of claim in a bankrupt’s estate, deductibles, overdues, collections, calculations, proof of delivery, ILC/Inco terms, claims payment, pre-credit risk – credit risk – political risk, commercial decisions, subrogation, collections after claims payment, selling of outstanding’s to third parties, writing off the outstanding amount
  • Reclaiming of claim payments (dispute that arise after claim payment)
  • Disputes – role of each party involved – payment conditions
  • Law suits – points of departure
  • Political Risk – Club of Paris
  • Causes of claims payments – premium increase
  • Re-insurance – commercial – politic – government

The training seminar includes case studies and in-depth discussions. Participants are asked to prepare for the training seminar by reading the provided documents.

The seminar is open to participants with more experience in trade credit insurance. Also persons working in related sectors, the media or civil servants of Ministries, brokers and lawyers and other administrative authorities, will also benefit from this seminar.