Advanced Trade Credit Insurance, Module 3: Collections and Claim handling – 23rd September 2021


Date: 23rd of September 2021 2.00 – 5.00 PM CET

In this three hours webinar, top experts from the industry with share with details on the collection of outstanding amounts and the day to day practice of handling claims. It is the third module of the Advance Trade Credit Insurance course with in total 3 modules (next to module 1 on Policy and Policy Underwriting and module 2 on Underwriting Collections and Claims). The content builds on the STECIS Fundamentals of Trade Credit Insurance seminar or some other experience with Trade Credit Insurance. The course gives you an insight on the problem areas and the way claims within a Trade Credit Insurance will be calculated. Case studies you have to read in advance will allow an insight in the daily practice of collections and claims handling of Credit Insurers.

Learning objectives

Understand how the collection process takes place and how claims are handled and calculated in the day to day practice of Trade Credit Insurance.

Addressed to:

Participants with some experience in Trade Credit Insurance or have at least joint the Fundamentals Trade Credit Insurance course of STECIS

Persons who work in related sectors, as in particular credit managers, CFOs or journalists

Brokers, lawyers

Civil servants of ministries or other administrative authorities.

Course Outline:

Part 1: Collections

  • Introduction – introduction tutors – webinar rules
  • Deteriorating risks – reasons – liquidity problems – red flags
  • Collections procedure – insured versus not insured
  • Organisation of Collection activities world wide
  • Day to day issues and challenges

Part 2: Claim handling

  • Credit Insurers’ philosophy versus claims payments
  • Day to day claims handling
  • Claim handing in the context of the policy wording
  • Risk attaching – loss occurring policies
  • Pre-Credit risk- claims handling
  • Practical examples

Part 3: Claim handling additional aspects

  • Disputes
  • Law suits
  • Consequences of claim payments for: customers – buyers – countries
  • Club of Paris
  • Fraud (introduction)
  • Provisioning of claims expected to be paid out.


Mr. René Staalstra (

Mr. Rob Klouth (

Teaching format:

Online webinar via Microsoft Teams

Seminar includes case studies which are discussed during the course.

Participants are asked to prepare the training by reading and assessing the case studies.

After the webinar, the presentations will be made available to the participants in PDF format.